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The purpose of this Webliography is to provide interested researchers a beginning point for investigating and pursuing the topic of design-based research. "Design research" is a term that sometimes refers to the study of designers, software design, or technical design in the engineering fields.  Design-based research as defined here is most often applied in educational contexts and refers to research intended to integrate theory and innovative learning environments to support human learning and performance.

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This section gathers the common used words and phrases in design-based research. Different definitions are available from other resources.
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This section lists journal articles and books authored by prominent researchers in design-based research.
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This section sorts online resources related to design-based research into 4 subsections: Websites, Online, Journals, Blog and Articles.
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This section provides some information about existing organizations and interest groups focused on design-based research.
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This section identifies the people who are very active in design-based research.

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This section collects frequently asked questions. Answers are derived from different resources.
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