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How did DBR get started?


Design-Based Research is one terminology use to describe a research methodology based on the influential works of Brown (1992) and Collins (1992). Examples of other terminologies used to describe research methodologies that shared common characteristics are design studies, design experiments, and development research. In the seminal works of Brown (1992) and Collins (1992), ¡°design experiments¡± were used.

With the dismal record of educational research in yielding discernable benefits and impact on practitioners, coupled with calls for educational research to close the ¡°credibility gap¡± (Levin & O¡¯Donnell, 1999), develop more ¡°usable knowledge¡± (Lagemann, 2002), and be more socially responsible (Reeves & Herrington, 2005), a search for a research methodology that would help address these issues ensued and many deemed ¡°Design-Based Research¡±, aka ¡°design experiment¡±, as a, if not the, methodology that would fit this bill. The Design-Based Research Collective (2003) chose to use the term ¡°Design-Based Research¡± instead of ¡°design experiments¡± to avoid invoking mistaken identification with experimental design, studies of designers and trial teaching methods.


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