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Some examples of DBR


As mentioned in the previous section, although DBR has distinct characteristics in comparison to other research methodologies, there is no best model or set of procedures one should adopt while conducting DBR. Hence, the best way to get started with DBR is to look at some examples of DBR done by others and the frameworks they used to conduct DBR so as to decide the most appropriate methods for your own DBR initiative.

Since DBR is based on the seminal works of Brown and Collins, the first and second examples given here are those illustrated by Brown and Campione (1994, 1996; Brown 1992) and Collins (1992) respectively. Other examples include models of DBR proposed and/or DBR implemented by Brenda (2003) and Cobb et al (2003) in a variety of subject areas and perspectives.

Example 1: Fostering a Community of Learners (FCL)

Example 2: Developing a technology-based unit on the relative motion of earth and sun and the seasons

Example 3: Designing Literacy Access Online (LAO) project using integrative learning design (ILD) framework

Example 4: An approach to design research



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